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natural health therapy is a complementary therapy made up of a combination of world recognised and proven therapies that work on clearing the old past experiences or past learnings, that are not beneficial to the wellbeing of body or the health of the mind. these therapies and the practices of energy medicine are safe, respectful, nurturing and nourishing to all levels of body mind and spirit, your whole being is recognised for its need of becoming free of pain and free of fear. a language of communication with your body, it is when you ask your own inner wisdom what is happening within your body to cause you to experience what you are experiencing.

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the front office staff is so sweet and helpful. i also love that the office is very health conscious and gives... read morei love this office! dr. shelly encourages you to put the work in for your health and supports you every step of the way. after following the program to the letter, i am completely back to normal and they've removed the supplements my body is telling them i no longer need. they want me to get better and for that i am grateful!

natural health care

people are starting to wake up and realize that the best way to heal is with natural medicines. to truly approach your health in a completely natural way you have to take the whole-person and their lifestyle into consideration. natural health is getting rid of all the things that are bad for you and making sure you get enough of the good things that heal you. all of the time you spent ignoring your health suddenly shows up in the form of a hefty medical bill and possibly time off work or away from your family.

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your center for health and wellbeing in federal way, wa the natural health center was designed to invoke feelings of peace and relaxation, which we believe are as important for health and healing as the excellent medical care by our providers. all are dedicated to helping to restore and maintain your health and wellness. convenience with our extended hours, variety of health care professionals and central location in federal way, wa, now it's more convenient (and enjoyable) to take care of your health.

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