health holistic approach

holistic health is an approach to life that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness. holistic approaches to health are derived from ancient healing traditions that help to achieve higher levels of wellness and prevent disease.

natural choices health care

whether you have coverage depends on your specific health insurance plan. to determine if you have coverage, call the verification phone number on your insurance card and ask if you have naturopathic coverage on your plan, and then ask if the doctor you are scheduled with is in your network. once you determine whether you have coverage, we will call and finalize the details of your coverage.

natural health care

people are starting to wake up and realize that the best way to heal is with natural medicines. to truly approach your health in a completely natural way you have to take the whole-person and their lifestyle into consideration. natural health is getting rid of all the things that are bad for you and making sure you get enough of the good things that heal you. all of the time you spent ignoring your health suddenly shows up in the form of a hefty medical bill and possibly time off work or away from your family.

natural family health care

we are a primary care medical clinic offering comprehensive naturopathic, pediatric, and acupuncture services to vermont families. we provide a truly holistic approach to health care being the only primary care physicians clinically trained in natural medicine.

cynthia perkins holistic health

take charge of your healing journey with a strong self-care plan to alleviate stress and anxiety and elevate your health and well-being so you can become more of who you are meant to be and live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. responsibility for your health lies in your hands not your practitioners and empowerment comes by first being properly informed about your conditions, the challenges that exist, and the options available to you. regardless of what health condition you are facing, with the right self-care interventions, stress and anxiety can be reduced, while significant and often dramatic improvements in your mental, physical, spiritual health and well-being can be made. the healing journey requires that you become a diligent participant on the road to recovery and a passionate advocate for yourself and your health.