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service occupancy agreement template is a service occupancy agreement sample that gives infomration on service occupancy agreement design and format. when designing service occupancy agreement example, it is important to consider service occupancy agreement template style, design, color and theme. the agreement gives an employee a personal licence to reside in the premises for as long as they are employed for and as such is for no fixed term. at the heart of a service occupancy agreement is the employment contract, therefore it is important that the employment contract reflects the service occupancy agreement. if it is likely that the employer will require the employee to move premises as part of their employment, for example to a different hotel, they should make an express provision allowing them to do so in the service occupancy agreement.

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it might therefore be worth the employer including a clause in to the agreement for immediate termination without notice. if an employer has granted a service occupancy agreement, they will have to report and pay the expenses and benefits of the accommodation to hmrc unless the accommodation provided is exempt. a list of the members of prettys solicitors llp together with those non-members who are designated as partners and their professional qualifications is available for inspection at the registered office. any reference to a partner means a member of prettys solicitors llp or an employee or consultant with equivalent standing and qualifications.

a service occupancy arises when an employer requires an employee to reside in the employer’s property for the better performance of the employee’s duties. for a service occupancy to exist there must be a strong connection between the employee’s occupation of the property and the performance of their duties. a service occupier is distinct from an employee who is permitted to live in a property owned by their employer as part of the employee’s remuneration package. it is also possible for the service occupancy agreement to contain express terms requiring a notice to quit to be provided. if the employee does not voluntarily leave the property at the end of their employment term, an eviction order via a court would be required.

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a service tenancy may arise where an employee lives in accommodation provided by their employer, but their occupation is not so closely connected with their employment as to create a service occupancy. unlike a service occupancy, a tenancy gives the employee an interest in the property, not just a licence to occupy it. if the employer is a private landlord, then the employee may be able to argue that they have protection and will potentially benefit from residential security of tenure under the housing act 1988 (the ha 1988) as an assured tenancy. if the service tenancy is not an assured tenancy, or an assured shorthold tenancy (for example, if no rent is paid or the level of rent paid is below the minimum threshold under the ha 1988), the tenant’s occupation is likely to be as a common law tenant. the head-teacher was recognised as a secure tenant.

this service occupancy agreement can be used where an employer provides living accommodation to an employee on site so that the employee can carry out their duties under the terms of their employment. this template is suitable for use in england only. model written statements for the occupation contracts can be found in the renting homes wales folder. if you are providing accommodation to a service tenant in england, then you should use our assured shorthold tenancies (asts). this agreement can be used where the terms of the employee’s occupancy are to be kept separate from the employment contract (which may be done for administrative reasons) or the existing employment contract does not contain service occupancy provisions. this agreement creates a licence for the employee to occupy the property for as long as they are employed by the employer.

the first page of this document does not form part of the agreement and contains a template clause to insert into the employment contract requiring the employee to live on site so that the employee can perform their duties under the terms of their employment. in order for there to be a service occupancy there must be a strong link between the employee’s occupation of the property and performance of the employee’s duties under the terms of their employment. this agreement does not provide for the payment of a licence fee. service occupancies are excluded from the requirement for landlords to carry out right to rent checks under the immigration act 2014. this is to avoid duplication where employers are required to carry out right to work checks on their employees. this document is in open format. you will be asked what you want to do with the file.