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sheet to track investments template is a sheet to track investments sample that gives infomration on sheet to track investments design and format. when designing sheet to track investments example, it is important to consider sheet to track investments template style, design, color and theme. some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, meaning at no cost to you i earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase or open an account. i’m going to walk through the spreadsheet in this article and video (see below). it’s extremely easy to use and will help you track your investments, asset allocation and mutual fund fees. but this is where you start and you want to enter your portfolio. the color coded cells in the columns for account, symbol (i.e., ticker) and shares are the cells where you need to enter information. )  next you’ll enter the number of shares that you own for each investment. the original version of this spreadsheet, linked to above, contains a separate sheet for stocks. in terms of asset allocation, you have two options.

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once you have all of your investments into the holdings sheet, we can then now go to the asset class tab. this is the target asset allocation that we’re using in the spreadsheet. once you have your target asset allocation, the sheet compares it to your actual allocation. as a general rule, i set the threshold for rebalancing at 20% of the allocation for each asset class. the significance of the threshold is that once an asset class exceeds that threshold, it turns this cell red. of course, you can set the threshold to whatever you want. keep in mind that i’m regularly updating the spreadsheet to add new features, so the current version may be slightly different than what you see in the video. he is the author of retire before mom and dad and the personality behind the financial freedom show.

you can use it for automatically fetching and tracking investment data such as stock prices and history. my colleague, kacyee, recently released the new stockhistory function to all of you, office insiders! if you prefer a darker look, you can set it to dark theme here. this is the main sheet, where you enter your investments and shares to see their current values. a sparkline shows you the history in the row, and you can adjust the day’s value to see more. as you scroll the sheet, you’ll get additional information such as previous close and industry. you can also see a 52–week high and low and a visual that shows you how close each stock is to its high and low.

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