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sleep tracker template is a sleep tracker sample that gives infomration on sleep tracker design and format. when designing sleep tracker example, it is important to consider sleep tracker template style, design, color and theme. to find the best sleep tracker, we tested 10 of the most popular options on the market. it automatically detects when you go to bed, when you wake up, how much time you actually sleep and how many times you woke up in the middle of the night. whoop’s data presentation was the easiest to understand of any of the trackers we tried, as it gives you an overall recovery score and sleep percentage every morning, along with data comparisons to your averages so you know how you slept in an instant. instead of taking the strap off and connecting it to a charger, whoop has a battery pack that slides right on top of the tracker so you never have to take it off.

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if you want a sleep tracker that’s cheaper than the whoop and comes with a screen to tell the time and send you notifications, then the fitbit inspire 2 is your best bet. the fitbit inspire 2 is a great sleep tracker that can measure all the most important data you need to examine your nights. its battery doesn’t last as long as the oura, and it isn’t as easy to interpret your sleep data through the app, so we’d suggest you opt for the oura ring if you want a tracker for your finger. plus, coming in at around $200, we think you can get a better sleep tracking experience for much less with the inspire 2. this sleep tracker goes underneath your bed to automatically track your sleep duration, sleep stages and more.

there is no such thing as the best sleep tracker, because everyone is different, but we have tested a ton of wearables, from rings and smartwatches to headbands, bedside devices, and even a mat designed to go under your mattress. you can review your sleep stages in a chart broken into awake, rem, light, and deep sleep, and there are charts for heart rate, heart rate variability, and temperature. a feature i love about the ultrahuman app is that it will notify you when is a good time to get daylight, when to drink stimulants like coffee and when to stop, and what’s a good bedtime window for your circadian rhythm. your basic sleep score takes into account factors like duration, stress, and the amount of sleep you get. it feels like a general overview compared to some of the other sleep trackers i tried, and there’s no sleep score, though this is obviously by design (it’s debatable whether you need more data). unfortunately, the hardware is obscenely expensive, and you need a subscription (from $15 per month) to get sleep tracking.

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you can add notes to help it better understand your sleep, and it builds a sleep pattern analysis and shows your statistics over time. withings scanwatch 2 for $350: wear the withings scanwatch 2 (7/10, wired recommends) to bed and you will get a sleep score out of 100 in the morning. it tracks sleep broken into awake, light, and deep sleep (rem will be added soon), and combines your biometrics to give you a sleep score. we dip into this in more detail below, but it’s important to note that no sleep tracker matches the medical monitoring you would get in a sleep clinic. sleep trackers can be inaccurate, and there is a surprising lack of testing and research on the subject. scores were mixed, but the pixel watch, galaxy watch 5, and amazon halo rise performed well at measuring sleep stages, while the oura ring and apple watch were better at measuring sleep efficiency (time in bed spent sleeping) and sleep latency (time to fall asleep).

the third-generation oura ring offers the most comprehensive and approachable data and daily guidance of all of the sleep trackers we tested. the whoop device’s heart-rate tracking during sleep was accurate in comparison against a heart-rate sensor, and it correctly logged the intensity of activities such as long walks or high-intensity exercise. third-party validation studies offer a level of commitment to accuracy and transparency from the company behind a sleep tracker, even if they are funded by the brand itself. we favored trackers that used data from the previous day’s activities and the previous night’s sleep to make recommendations. it then synthesizes the two chunks of data—your sleep versus your energy output—to give you three daily scores, sleep, activity, and readiness. like many of the sleep trackers we tested, the oura ring throws a lot of data at you in the form of color-coded charts and graphs.

our testers found it the easiest and most comfortable to wear of the trackers we tested. the accelerometer, the ppg, and the whoop device’s “trademarked algorithm” make it possible for the tracker to determine your sleep stages. our testers reported that the whoop 4.0 was accurate as a sleep tracker, as well. our testers found that the lightweight, woven whoop wristband was comfortable to wear all day and during sleep. for example, if your rem and deep sleep account for less than 35% of your total time in bed, the app suggests that you consult a whoop coach (powered by ai) to learn how to improve instead of offering suggestions freely. the oura ring is a wearable tracker that collects tons of data about your body and sleep.