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smart goal tracker template is a smart goal tracker sample that gives infomration on smart goal tracker design and format. when designing smart goal tracker example, it is important to consider smart goal tracker template style, design, color and theme. when we set out to build a first-of-its-kind, automated smart goal tracking tool, we first asked our customers and partners, “how do you set and track goals now?” when we heard people tell us over and over, “setting realistic goals is hard to do” and even confess they don’t set time-bound goals because, “they fear the consequences of missing deadlines,” we realized we had our work cut out for us. most were embarrassed to admit it but willing to do so in the hopes that we could show them a better way. for the first time ever, you can now set goals that are specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-bound, all in one place. people, and teams, don’t know what to do to hit goals. by tagging goals by department, everyone is in the loop as to how the goal will be hit, and who they can go to for support.

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these visualizations allow your team to make the adjustments today in order to hit meaningful goals down the road. attach an owner to a goal, and you’ve also attached an evangelist to that goal that will actively put measures in place to hit it. by understanding current performance, you can “back into” goals that actually make sense for the business. this will allow you and your team to have more frequent and productive conversations around realistic goals and the initiatives for driving progress toward them. in one view, anyone can see how the entire company is progressing toward its goals, who individual goal owners are, and how much time is left to hit the goals.