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songwriter contract agreement template is a songwriter contract agreement sample that gives infomration on songwriter contract agreement design and format. when designing songwriter contract agreement example, it is important to consider songwriter contract agreement template style, design, color and theme. a publishing or song-writing agreement is the document by which a songwriter assigns the copyright in their compositions to a music publisher in exchange for royalties and, in appropriate cases, an advance against those royalties. it is not always the case that the publisher will require the album to be released but publishers obviously prefer this stipulation as it increases their chances of having income to collect. this agreement provides for the songwriter to provide their exclusive services to the publishers, as a songwriter and composer and the copyright in all compositions written during the term of the agreement will belong to the publisher for the rights period.

songwriter contract agreement format

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publishers will often try to resist this and claim that any recording not by the songwriter should be considered a cover and qualify for a royalty break. it is important to note that the royalties in this agreement are expressed to be “at source”. in this agreement accounts are to be prepared and delivered twice a year, which is usual but it is worth trying to get the publisher to account quarterly as this might aid cash flow. this clause is important and should be read carefully as the songwriter agrees to indemnify the publisher for any breach of the agreement by the songwriter.