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sub fee agreement template is a sub fee agreement sample that gives infomration on sub fee agreement design and format. when designing sub fee agreement example, it is important to consider sub fee agreement template style, design, color and theme. the pass-through entity holds the responsibility for deciding whether any given arrangement constitutes a subaward (carrying out an intellectually significant portion of the federal award, creating a financial assistance agreement) or a contractor agreement (obtaining goods and services, creating a procurement relationship). determining the appropriate relationship at proposal stage is critical to ensure appropriate accounting for costs and compliance requirements. as a reference tool, the fdp site provides guidance about making the determination between a subrecipient and a contractor. under 2 cfr 200.92, the uniform guidance, subaward means an award provided by a pass-through entity to a subrecipient for the subrecipient to carry out part of a federal award received by the pass-through entity. uses the funding to carry out a program for a public purpose specified in the authorizing statute, as compared to providing goods or services for the benefit of the pass-through entity generally the university recommends use of a professional services agreement when collaborating with individuals.

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a consultant may provide advisory services related to a sponsored research project. a contractor provides goods or services within normal business operations and operates in a competitive environment providing similar goods and services to a variety of customers. it is the pi’s initial responsibility to ensure the appropriate classification of costs at the time a proposal is submitted to the sponsor. pis and departmental administrators are strongly encouraged to consult with dsp in advance of a proposal due date if they have questions about the appropriate classification of costs. the university recommends that when collaborating with an individual or sole proprietor the agreement should be handled as a professional services agreement through the ui purchasing department regardless of the type of service performed, the nature of the arrangement is not considered as a subaward because both departments are part of the same legal entity, the university of iowa. a ui requisition can be issued directly from the pi’s department to the other ui department as reimbursement for the costs incurred.