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suspension agreement template is a suspension agreement sample that gives infomration on suspension agreement design and format. when designing suspension agreement example, it is important to consider suspension agreement template style, design, color and theme. the ofr/gpo partnership is committed to presenting accurate and reliable regulatory information on with the objective of establishing the xml-based federal register as an acfr-sanctioned publication in the future. the basis for this action is an agreement between commerce and signatory producers/exporters accounting for substantially all imports of fresh tomatoes from mexico that eliminates completely the injurious effects of exports of the subject merchandise to the united states. [8] on august 15, 2012, certain growers/exporters of fresh tomatoes from mexico filed a letter with commerce requesting consultations under section iv.g [9] of the 2008 agreement, and commerce agreed to consult. [23] on february 6, 2019, in accordance with section vi.b of the 2013 agreement, commerce notified mexican signatories that commerce intended to withdraw from the 2013 agreement, rescind the sunset and administrative reviews, and resume the ad duty investigation. if there is no request for review of suspension under section 734(h) of the act, or if the itc conducts a review and finds that the injurious effect of imports of the subject merchandise is eliminated completely by the 2019 agreement, commerce will terminate the suspension of liquidation of all entries of fresh tomatoes from mexico, and refund any cash deposits collected on entries of fresh tomatoes from mexico consistent with section 734(h)(3) of the act. fresh tomatoes that are imported for cutting up, not further processing (e.g., tomatoes used in the preparation of fresh salsa or salad bars), are covered by this agreement. in accordance with section 734(c) of the act, commerce has determined that extraordinary circumstances are present in this investigation because the suspension of the investigation will be more beneficial to the domestic industry than the continuation of the investigation and that the investigation is complex. commerce shall request information including: date on which it entered into a contract for the sale of signatory tomatoes with each selling agent during that quarter; name of the selling agent; quantity of tomatoes to be supplied under that contract; and price of the tomatoes sold under each contract. for avoidance of doubt, all loads of fresh tomatoes from mexico that are inspected pursuant to a usda marketing order are not required to also be inspected pursuant to the inspection program under this section vii.c. the signatory will be responsible for paying all expenses related to the return of the entire lot to mexico or its destruction. for example, each signatory will take the following actions: a. it is the responsibility of each signatory to ensure that each sale of its merchandise is made consistent with the requirements of this agreement and all its appendices. [41] all contractual arrangements will specify that parties in the distribution chain from the signatory to the buyer will maintain documentation as required by the paca and as consistent with the requirements of the agreement.

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c. in addition, commerce will examine the activities of signatories, selling agents, and any other party to a sale subject to the agreement to determine whether any activities conducted by any party aided or abetted another party’s violation of the agreement. 11. selling signatory tomatoes to canada in a manner that is not consistent with the requirements of appendix e of this agreement. termination of the suspended investigation will be considered in accordance with the five-year review provisions of section 751(c) of the act and 19 cfr 351.218. b. an individual signatory, or signatories, collectively, or commerce may withdraw from this agreement upon 90 days’ written notice to commerce or the signatories, respectively. commerce will provide 14 hours advance notice to the signatories (through the grower associations’ counsel or directly to the signatories, in the event that they are not represented by counsel) of the commencement of any box weighing exercise. a signatory’s failure to notify commerce of intended shipments of tomatoes in boxes for which there is no average weight on the box weight chart may constitute a violation of the agreement in accordance with section viii.e.9. for purposes of this agreement, a quality or condition defect is any defect listed in the charts in part a.5 below. [2] such tomatoes must be destroyed under usda oversight, with a usda certificate provided to the buyer, signatory, or selling agent as proof of destruction. the portion of the lot that the buyer sold prior to the inspection will not be eligible for an adjustment based on the usda inspection. sales of signatory merchandise to a processor after importation into the united states are a violation of the agreement in accordance with section viii.e.12. the paca division will uphold actions taken by a signatory or a signatory’s representative (collectively, signatory) to comply with the agreement to the extent that the sales contract for the transaction at issue establishes that the sale is subject to the terms of the agreement. the form and any factual information provided will be placed on the record of the proceeding by commerce officials. 38.  for purposes of the agreement, a lot is defined as a grouping of tomatoes in a particular shipment that is distinguishable by packing type. if the differences in the weights of the boxes exceed two-hundredths of a pound, additional boxes will be weighed to establish the tare.

through mid-december, the department of commerce had not revealed whether it will terminate the latest tomato suspension agreement between mexican growers and the u.s. in june, the florida tomato exchange requested that the department of commerce terminate the 2019 tomato suspension agreement, which sets an agreed-upon reference price for the sale of fresh tomatoes from mexico in the u.s. market. however, the fte in its release said none of the tomato suspension agreements, which date back to 1996, have worked to stop the injury caused by dumped mexican tomatoes, “which is why the fte finally asked the commerce department to terminate the suspension,” the group said. in june, the florida tomato exchange requested that the department of commerce terminate the 2019 tomato suspension agreement, which sets an agreed-upon reference price for the sale of fresh tomatoes from mexico in the u.s. market.

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over 100 american tomato growers from 13 states have called on the commerce department to terminate the suspension agreement, the florida tomato exchange said in the release. in september, michael schadler, executive vice president of the florida tomato exchange, said there is strong support in the u.s. agricultural community for terminating the tomato suspension agreement and imposing antidumping duties on mexican tomatoes. rodrigo castaneda, who joins the company with more than 25 years of experience in various industries, is expected to help expand the company’s presence.