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termination clause in agreement template is a termination clause in agreement sample that gives infomration on termination clause in agreement design and format. when designing termination clause in agreement example, it is important to consider termination clause in agreement template style, design, color and theme. a termination clause is a section of a swap contract that describes the procedures and remedies for one of the counterparties if the other counterparty defaults or otherwise ends the contract. a termination clause may also be included in an employment contract. counterparties using the international swaps and derivatives association’s (isda) master swap agreement can take advantage of the termination clause that is already written into that agreement. a termination clause contains language that could lead to an early end to the swap contract if either party experiences specific, predetermined events or changes in its financial status, or if other specific events outside the party’s control will change its ability to legally maintain the contract. therefore, the termination clause contains provisions that can speed up the counterparty’s obligations (acceleration) and other procedures to compensate the injured party for the loss of the swap contract.

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signing a master swap agreement also makes it easier for the same parties to engage in additional transactions in the future because they can conform to the initial agreement. the clause provides a pre-set agreement on what will happen when the employee is terminated in terms of how much notice they get and/or what sort of payment they will receive. typically, employers will try to limit the employee’s rights within the termination clause in order to reduce the cost of terminating an employee. when a company wants someone, it is more likely to negotiate or offer the executive what they want to come aboard. they need to entice the potential ceo, and one way to do it is through pay as well as the termination clause.

an employment agreement usually provides for a fixed term of employment and stipulates that during the fixed term, the employer may only terminate the employment for certain reasons (generally referred to as “for cause” or “for good cause”). an employer may want a set term for an employment agreement so that the employer can rely (barring termination for cause) on the employee-dentist having a contractual obligation to remain with the practice for a set period of time (given the training effort and expense that the employer will be investing in the employee). depending on what the agreement provides, the employer invoking the termination may be required to pay the terminated employee as if the contract had continued to the end of the term.

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if the agreement expressly provides for termination without cause, or fails to state a definite employment term, the employee may be concerned if there is not a notice period that would give the employee income from the date of notice until the effective termination date. if the agreement provides the employer a broader right to terminate, the employee might try to negotiate a requirement of a written warning and time to cure prior to the employer being able to invoke such a broad termination right. if the agreement provides that the employer may terminate the employee dentist’s employment without cause after some specified amount of time, the employee should consider requesting that this right of termination without cause run both ways a dentist’s post-employment access to patient records may depend on state and federal law as well as the employment agreement. check out the full list of clauses and topics and download the ebook, which is full of sample language, examples and in-depth explanations.