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tolling agreement template is a tolling agreement sample that gives infomration on tolling agreement design and format. when designing tolling agreement example, it is important to consider tolling agreement template style, design, color and theme. if you are involved in a civil case and are in the process of negotiating a settlement, a tolling agreement could potentially give you more time to resolve your dispute without filing a lawsuit. for example, an injured victim hurt in a car accident might be given a period of two years to file a lawsuit (although the specific time varies based on the statute governing the case). if a plaintiff waits too long and doesn’t file a claim within the statute of limitations, the claim will be time barred. the potential plaintiff and potential defendant agree in writing not to follow the statute of limitations that would ordinarily apply to the case. if parties are actively negotiating and a plaintiff doesn’t want to lose the chance to sue because the statute of limitations is running out, the parties could decide to enter into a tolling agreement.

tolling agreement overview

once the agreement is signed, there is no need for the plaintiff to rush to file a lawsuit by the statute of limitations because a new deadline determined in the agreement applies to their claim. an experienced attorney can help you to create an agreement that protects your rights and that will be enforceable in a court of law. the parties to a tolling agreement decide how long the statute of limitations will be paused or extended for. the term is often used to describe a tolling agreement that puts a pause on the statute of limitations. plaintiffs and defendants may enter into a tolling agreement if the potential pirates to a civil lawsuit want more time before a plaintiff is forced to file a civil lawsuit or lose the opportunity to do so.

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