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tracking plan template is a tracking plan sample that gives infomration on tracking plan design and format. when designing tracking plan example, it is important to consider tracking plan template style, design, color and theme. make sure your events and properties arrive according to your specifications and receive notifications of everything that happens. trackingplan’s fully automated observability and analytics qa solution eliminates these obstacles by detecting errors in your websites and apps as soon as they happen, or even before they happen, to empower companies with accurate and reliable analytics. whether you are a data analyst, a developer, or you manage marketing campaigns, trackingplan can help you prevent data quality issues before reaching production to avoid compromising your digital analytics, maximizing the roi on your martech and product analytics stack. depending on your traffic, an hour can be enough to recollect the necessary data. however, for companies with small traffic, this process might take up to a week, so don’t worry if you enter trackingplan’s dashboard after installing it and you don’t see anything! during this time, all teams involved in the data collection process teams will be able to keep working as they used to, without causing any company disruption.

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trackingplan is designed to have a minimal impact on your site. additionally, our sdks are optimized to ensure that your app’s performance remains unaffected.the trackingplan tag loads asynchronously with the page content, responding in less than 500ms. yes, trackingplan’s fully automated qa solution for your digital analytics has been designed to avoid compromising your data by catching errors before they break your digital analytics. : compare staging data to your master specification baseline to capture bugs or regressions before they go live), and validate that the analytics performed in each of your test sessions match the expected baselines. trackingplan will automatically document the regressions found between them to help you fix those errors before compromising your data. trackingplan will automatically detect and send you alerts about any update or issue happening in your digital analytics. missing events or properties, naming inconsistencies, anomalies in your traffic, property type mismatches, validation errors… all this and more to to keep everything that matters to you in the loop.

a data tracking plan (usually referred to as just a tracking plan) is a document that acts as a source of truth for your event data—it’s a living document that contains all the information related to the data you gather about your customers when they interact with your product. the tracking plan template below is a google sheets spreadsheet that was created after a lot of research and many iterations to suit almost every industry. keeping this example in mind, focus on your activation event and list down the key events a user has to perform to get to the activation point.

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it helps to keep in mind that a user performs the signed up event only once (at the time of creating an account) and this is when the unique identifier user_id is generated. other events like project created can be performed multiple times and the properties associated with the event should only be restricted to those that provide context about one occurrence of that event. it’s critical to keep in mind that data should only be sent to destinations where it is consumed or acted upon and that not all data should necessarily be sent to all the tools in your suite. any piece of data that is not associated with a particular user and provides context about the account the user belongs to is stored as an organization property.

what is a data tracking plan and how to create one? a data tracking plan aids in compliance with regulators by ensuring that data collection, storage, and usage practices align with the relevant laws and regulations. in your plan, specify the name of the event as well as the reasons for tracking it and what data type it is, for example, numerical values. if your focus is on user churn, a key event to include in the tracking plan would be ‘subscription canceled’. in addition to event name, description, data types, and expected values, it’s advisable to distinguish between client-side and server-side events in your plan.

for instance, you could track web traffic in a web analytics tool, the conversion funnel data could come from a product analytics tool, and the data related to feature performance, customer satisfaction, and usability, from the customer engagement tool. in addition, we’re going to track the number of sign-ups, key feature adoption rate, and onboarding completion rate. if it’s a yes, you may also want to know when this happened, so include a timestamp property in the plan. create a table, label the columns, and populate it with the information you’ve gathered up to this point. a well-designed data tracking plan helps saas organizations to maintain data consistency and integrity and is a vehicle for driving data democratization.