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tracking report template is a tracking report sample that gives infomration on tracking report design and format. when designing tracking report example, it is important to consider tracking report template style, design, color and theme. the position tracking landscape report is the place to get a lightning fast overview of your tracking campaign’s progress. visibility is a metric based on the average position of the domain’s ranking pages. this metric represents how visible the domain is among searchers. this metric can change on a daily basis but the number is an estimation of daily traffic based on the domain or url’s current positions. average position is the average of all your rankings for the keywords in your campaign.

tracking report format

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the widget reflects the following changes: by clicking “view report” you will be brought to a corresponding tab in the tool where you can find more details regarding each change. here you can see which serp features are most present among the keywords you’re tracking and how many of those your site is ranking on. for example, by clicking on the indented icon, you can get the report for all keywords that have indented search results on serp and your website’s performance for them: for more details on your serp features opportunities, filter the rankings report by featured snippet manually (overview tab) or use the featured snippets tab. among the top pages you can check how many keywords and the average position for each page. just change the filter from “top” to “declined.” for complete details on you or a competitor’s landing pages, use the landing pages report.