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workout tracker template is a workout tracker sample that gives infomration on workout tracker design and format. when designing workout tracker example, it is important to consider workout tracker template style, design, color and theme. strengthlog is a free workout log app for ios and android. “this app has single-handedly changed the trajectory of my fitness journey. best app i have used overall and the best fitness app!” “simplicity is a virtue, and they have succeeded with keeping the interface simple despite myriads of features. it is awesome in so many ways such as pre-programmed routines, customizable routines, information and examples of lifts, a timer, and the graphic it gives you showing the muscles you worked in a session. send an e-mail to and we’ll help you asap. alternatively, you can try to find your answer in our help desk. strengthlog compiles the data from your training and provides you with reports of how it’s going, how you are usually training, and what you will have to do to beat it. in the premium version, you can tap a set and see quick stats at the top of the screen, showing you more information about that set.

workout tracker format

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initially, we did actually let people use the app without first creating an account, but after too many support emails from sad users who had lost their data, we finally made the switch and began requiring an account. our program builder is accessible both in the free and premium version, but only premium users can write their training programs using % of 1rm and rpe/rir. we sometimes wonder if we’re being bad business men and women for giving away so much in the free version. the best app to track workoutsif you want an organized way to track workouts this is the app. once you have a few months of workouts in the app you can look at all kinds of data on your own training and make decisions on future programming. perfect!i’ve tried most of the other training log apps on the app store and this is the best for me. fantastic appthis app is extremely helpful in tracking progress through mesocycles and the entire calendar year. i highly recommend the premium subscription, which comes with tons of different training programs, from hypertrophy to strength and powerlifting focus.