Strategies of Writing an Event Proposal

When writing a proposal for any major event for your organization, relevant information about the event has to be included. The stakeholders behind the event have to see the benefits of holding it in the first place. It is important to create an event proposal that will answer all the questions that the stakeholders might have if you intend to make an effective pitch. A few strategies to keep in mind when creating an event proposal are as follows:

Provide A Clear Overview Of The Event

In your description of the event, it is important help the reader understand what the event is all about. You can’t simply present the title of the event and expect it to explain the purpose of the event, but by providing an overview in your description of the event, you will be providing a much-required mental picture to the concerned parties. Include the participant target group(s) and the main goals that are expected to be achieved.

Extol Your Experience & Capability

As an organization or event company bidding for the event, you need to point out your experience and capability to show how suitable you are to handle the event. The person assessing your bid has to believe that you will be in a position to stage a good show during the event. Include some information about the experience of the event team and their qualifications which will further convince the assessor that you are indeed best suited to run the event.

Describe The Venue & Facilities Offered

You need to inform the proposal reader where the venue is and why you think it is suitable for that event. Carefully outline all the available facilities at the venue and include all the details such as toilets, parking lot and so on. Describe the type of surface, the air conditioning, the seating, equipment, lighting and any other relevant information required for an indoor event. For that outdoor event, let the reader know the seating, maintenance level, shading for the people who will attend the event, drainage, fencing, security and so on. Including the pictures of the venue and ensuring that every one of them highlights the key features of that venue will further drive the point home. Include a map and even a floor diagram if you have to and don’t forget to include information on how to get to the venue for both users of public transport and for those who arrive by personal means. Mention it if the venue has in the past staged similar events, this will further convince the reader that the venue is perfect for the event.

Include The Event Program

After finding out the number of days the event should run, and the hours every day, know how many hours the venue is available daily and include any ceremonial events that involve any visiting dignitaries. Propose entertainment extras, plan the time the speeches will be made and the presenting of the awards when necessary. Fill any gaps that might be available and present a flawless event program for the assessor.

Have A Realistic Event Budget

It is very important to draft a budget featuring the income and expenditure of the event. Income from activities such as fundraising raffles, canteen, sale of merchandise and so on should be reflected. Ensure that your budget is realistic and always keep in mind the potential sponsors who are contemplating formalizing the sponsorship agreement when creating this budget. At no point should your event budget indicate a loss after all the projected income and expenditure has been accounted. Losses in your event budget will raise major concerns from the assessors of the event bid proposal. In the end your budget should be detailed, realistic and correct for it to be approved.

After all the above strategies, ensure that your event proposal is written in the correct format. By following all the above, you shouldn’t go wrong and your proposal is highly likely to be approved.

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